What is there to do in Chicago? Well, a lot!


I was recently in Chicago and thought this would be a perfect post to talk about all the wonderful sights and things to do in Chicago if you ever get a chance. Now, there’s TONS of stuff to do in this gorgeous city, so make sure you prioritize or have at least a few days to see the various sights.

One of the first things to see would be the Willis Tower. This is probably one of the most well-known buildings in the world, let alone Chicago. They have tours where you can visit the top floor and look out over the entire city from all directions. It’s really neat to be able to see the various other landmarks, sporting venues/stadiums, and the gorgeous architecture and waterfront from so high up in the air. I would strongly suggest seeing this if you haven’t yet!

Depending on the time of year you visit Chicago, you probably want to check out one (or more) of the beaches. Some of the beaches are gorgeous – and PACKED with people – plan accordingly.

Obviously you can find hundreds of restaurants as well. Whether you have specific dietary needs or not, you can find a restaurant to suit your tastes. Similarly, you can visit a some of the nicest hotels in the world in the city of Chicago as well (if you decide to spend a night or two in the city). If you do stay downtown and you have a car, plan to pay upwards of $100/night to park your car with valet services. Parking rates are still in the $30-50/day range if you self park (as available).

Some of the other things to do or sights to see in Chicago include the Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, Museum of Science and Industry, Wrigley Field, Michigan Avenue, Richard H. Driehaus Museum, and plenty of others. You can also sign up for city tours, walking tours, food tours, beer tastings and tours, bike tours, Segway tours, and more.


I met people who have lived in Chicagoland their entire lives and still haven’t seen all the city has to offer! In fact, one person I met while having dinner one night was very interesting. On top of learning a bit about the suburbs of Chicago as well, I learned a bit about some of the business and industry in the area. He told me some about his company (an SEO or search engine optimization agency) and how they help other companies get found online in search engines. To be the best Chicago SEO company, it takes a lot of time and energy, and the results are proof that they know what they’re doing. I also asked him if they specialize in any specific areas, and he said while they do work with all companies and businesses in all industries, they have spent time and energy to grow the their automotive SEO branch to help car dealers with their websites and SEO needs.

After meeting and talking with him for awhile, I decided to hang out with some friends and check out the nightlife in Chicago. It was AMAZING! Again, depending on your tastes and styles, you can go to low-key bars and restaurants, fancy high-end clubs, or anything in between. It was amazing and we had a blast!


Come with me on my journey

Hello everyone! I’m going to use this new blog of mine as an online journal detailing my experiences traveling and meeting people. I already have some wonderful stories of people I’ve met along the way as well as some interesting pictures and videos. I hope you enjoy my journey – I certainly am!